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The I CAN - PAY-IT-FORWARD Donation Program

The message of I CAN is that with God’s help, anyone can overcome any situation that life throws at them.  

Our PAY-IT-FORWARD mission is to bless kids all over the country who have been told they CAN’T (orphans, disabled, kids in foster care, and those with special needs), and encourage them that they can overcome as well! Your donation will allow these kids to see I CAN in theaters and hear its message of hope. We have partnered with Christian Alliance for Orphans, Boys and Girls Clubs, and amazing organizations to ensure that each PAY-IT-FORWARD ticket purchased through your donation is used exactly as it is intended. 

Beyond that, the team at First Capital Films (producers of I CAN) is giving 100% of their revenue generated from all theatrical ticket sales directly to these Christ-centered children’s ministries. So, your donation will be a double blessing to disadvantaged kids throughout the country.    

Your tax-deductible donation could be the reason that a child’s I CAN’T is turned into I CAN.  

  • Single - $15 donation (1 movie ticket)  

  • Double - $30 (2 movie tickets)  

  • Triple - $60 (4 movie tickets)  

  • Home Run - $120 (8 movie tickets)  

  • Grand Slam - $240 (16 movie tickets)  

  • Call Your Shot - enter any amount  

Thank you for your support!   




1. What happens to the tickets that aren’t given away?  

  • Because of our nationwide network of ministries, foster care homes, special needs communities as well as disabled communities, we can’t imagine having TOO many tickets. However, if God provides beyond our network’s ability to distribute these tickets, then all money received through our PAY-IT-FORWARD donation program will go directly to these Christian organizations that minister to the kids.    


2. What if we know people who need to hear this message? (Group homes, at risk youth, etc.)  

Note: 100% of every dollar donated will be used to purchase I CAN movie tickets as mentioned above. Please note, however, that once tickets are purchased, the theater owners and the film distributors/marketers will also benefit. The film makers themselves will not benefit as they are giving 100% of their theatrical revenue to the ministries.

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