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THE I CAN experience

I CAN is an incredible true story that will inspire young athletes all over the world to take on the I CAN mentality and play for something greater than themselves. 


For $200

Your team can make I CAN a team night event! 


Introducing The I Can Movie Experience

You receive: 


  1. A private link to the feature film to watch wherever you are!  Watch I CAN as a league on a big screen at the ballpark or invite your team to a house and enjoy it on couches or bean bags! You pick the day, time, and place with unlimited views until Dec 6th! (Spanish subtitles available as well)

  2. An exclusive video message from Katelyn Pavey herself that will inspire your players and give them a night they won’t forget! 

  3. 10 I CAN Bracelets – as seen in the film (you can order more bracelets as needed. Contact Us for more info).  

  4. EXCLUSIVE BONUS I CAN coaching videos from the best including: 

    • Leah Amico (3X Team USA Softball gold medalist; 3X NCAA Softball champ).

    • Monica Abbott (2X USA Olympian, 4X World Champ Professional Softball Player) 

    • Zach Osborne (Colorado Rockies Coach)  

    • Morgan Foley Ort (4X All-American) 

    • Kaleb Ort (MLB pitcher) 

    • Aubree Munro Watson (Olympic silver medalist, 2X National Champ Florida Gators)

    • Morgan Zerkle (Pro Softballer for Athletes Unlimited Softball)

    • Cheri Naudin (Collegiate Sports Advocate)

    • Andrew Grantz (sought-after mental conditioning coach) 

    • More to come!  For only ONE price, we will continue to add more pro tips throughout the year when opportunities arise!

    • The videos will populate as they come in. Due to strong interest demand for softball leagues and teams, you'll receive the I CAN Experience right away. Plus, watch for new videos from the PROS as they come!

  5. DISCOUNT BUNDLES to some amazing softball oriented organizations!

    1. Softball Is For Girls​

    2. Rip It Sports

    3. Pavey and Co Camps

    4. More to come!

  6. TEAM DISCUSSION GUIDE for teams that want to grow together!

Watch I CAN with YOUR TEAM !  Order below! 

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Available until December 6, 2023



When you hit order, it will take you to Vimeo, where you will be able to purchase the I CAN Experience. Once you purchase, you will receive an email with the discount code package!



How do I play the movie on a big screen? Once purchased, you will receive a link on Vimeo. This can be played on a smart phone or on a laptop. Either cast the smart phone to a TV, or plug in a laptop via HDMI to a projector and you are ready to go!


Can I use this as a fundraiser for my team?

Yes! Contact to discuss the details of the planned fundraiser.

When will the link expire?

The availability to purchase the package will expire on Dec 6th. However, you can watch the film after purchase any time!

Is it only for softball teams?

Nope! We believe that any team will benefit from this incredible story!


Is it available internationally?

Yes! The link is good to watch anywhere. Also, Spanish subtitles are available for the film as well through the same link!


Can I show it before Nov 6th?

Unfortunately, no. To comply with theater regulations, we have to wait until after Nov 6th to sell the experience. 


Can I order more bracelets?

Yes! Contact for more bracelet options.


Can I show it at my local theater after Nov 6th?

PRIVATE theater showings work! However, we will not be opening in more theaters in a traditional sense. So if you want to work with your local theater to show the film to a select group of people, you can do that...but it can't be a public theater release.


Why is the cost $200?

We have assembled a package that we believe will add value to your team. We averaged out the cost of a movie ticket and multiplied that by the typical amount of kids on the team and came up with a price of $200.


When will it be on streaming?

We are working hard to make the film available for the general public via streaming and purchase. As soon as we know a date for sure, we will announce it!

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