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Step by step for churches and groups

  1. LOCATE theater near you (contact us for help). 

  2. SHOW FILM TRAILER to your church (use YouTube or Vimeo). 

  3. SEE FILM OPENING WEEKEND (encourage all to see I CAN  September 22-24) 

  4. INVITE unsaved or unchurched neighbors, friends & family! 

  5. EVANGELIZE (contact us for resources on how to use I CAN for evangelism). 

  • PASTORS/LEADERS can watch FULL FILM in advance (contact us for private link).  

WANT TO SEE FILM AS A GROUP? (contact us for group discount info). 

WANT TO BUY OUT A SHOWING (OR MANY SHOWINGS)? (contact us for info) 

  • You’ll have the whole theater to yourselves.  

  • In many cases your pastor/leader can speak to audience in the theater after film to present gospel and pray.  

Helpful INFO: 

  • Contact us for FREE 4-week group Bible study materials that explore I CAN themes in a deeper way. 

  • Some theaters will allow for Thursday, Sept. 21 showing of I CAN if that is better for your schedule.  

  • In some cases, churches pay for the group tickets, but in most cases, individuals pay for their own tickets at group-rate discounts. Contact us and we'll help you navigate this.  

  • Theaters vary as to group ticket discounts and how many tickets are needed to qualify.  

  • Seeing the film opening weekend is critical as it shows the demand for God-honoring content. Thanks for supporting this film and its ministry to disadvantaged kids throughout the country! We're honored to co-labor in Christ with you! Contact us any time with any questions! 

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