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A young couple has an adulterous affair, and the result is pregnancy. They abandon their respective spouses and begin life together. But when their baby girl is born, their precious Katelyn only has one fully-formed arm.

Parents Eric and Salena turn their lives over to God, but Eric cannot escape the pain of thinking that Katelyn’s deformity is a sign of God’s displeasure. Surely God has passed judgment on the sinful affair and Eric lives his life thinking the next tragedy is right around the corner. Meanwhile Katelyn grows into an incredible young woman... and an outstanding softball player.

Overcoming all odds and carrying an “I CAN” mentality, Katelyn rises above her disability and becomes a star high-school center fielder. She does the unimaginable and plays her way toward a full NCAA scholarship! But in her moment of truth a serious injury threatens everything. Katelyn is forced to wrestle with God’s plan for her life, and Eric is forced to wrestle with the demons of his past.

This amazing true story will powerfully impact the culture for Christ and lead people to the love and forgiveness of God - however bad our failures or whatever trials we face.

Directed by:
Tyler Sansom

Produced by:
First Capital Films
Kappa Studios
Cameron Arnett

Cameron Arnett
Daniel Roebuck
Vernon Wells
Danner Brown
Amanda Verkamp
Jeff Armstrong

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